Debt Recovery

debt recovery methodsAll of us whether in business or individually are now having difficulty recovering money owed to us. Whilst one can always resort to the courts to obtain what would be rightly owed to you this may not always be the most cost effective or tactical method.

I  work closely with my colleagues at Freeman Harris  whereby we will accept instructions to recover debt from £50.00 onwards. For debt of £50.00 to £5,000.00 our partner agency will consider acting for you  with no cost to you ( no win no fee).

If your opponent raises an issue of liability then any debt over £5,000.00 will come back to us and we will act on your behalf on a “no-win-no-fee” basis if we consider that there is merit in your claim. By merits we would expect your claim to succeed by at least 55%.

The recovery of your debt will be done within our overall philosophy of providing a cost effective resolution to your claim.

For further information please contact me on 07812151658.

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