Funding your Case

I understand that litigation can be costly.  Even resolving the most minor of disputes can often incur a hefty legal bill.  That is why I prefer to work with my clients to find funding arrangements with suit both parties.  I firmly believe in providing value for money through flexibility, co-operation and transparency.  For this reason, I may be able to take your case on using any of the following funding methods:

No Win No Fee Agreement (Conditional Fee Agreement)

In many cases, I act for our clients under a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement.  This means that my fees are only payable in the event that I win your case and usually these fees are paid by the other side, meaning that there is very little risk to you in pursuing a legal matter.

As a responsible lawyer, whenever we act for a client on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis, we arrange for insurance cover for you too, which ensures that if for any reason we are not successful, the other sides legal costs and any other costs not covered by the agreement will be covered instead by the insurance policy.  This is something which we do in order to protect your interests financially as many people do not realise that without this cover, you could still end up with a bill.

Damaged based Agreement (DBA):

A Damaged Based Agreement is where we take on your case on the understanding that we will take a percentage of the damages awarded to you.  This is similar to a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement in that we would only charge if we were successful, but the main difference is that the costs come from your settlement figure.  This is a practical solution in cases where legal costs are not recoverable from your opponent or where there is a particular risk in taking the case on.

Standard Basis:

This is the traditional method of hiring solicitors.  Like most other professional service providers, we charge our time on an hourly basis.  The hourly rate will vary depending upon the seniority of the fee earner, but this is always discussed with you beforehand.  As with all law firms in the UK we would charge for letters, telephone calls and all the time we spend on the file on an hourly basis.

We have a computerised time recording system and all time, letters and telephone calls will be logged.  Time is recorded in units of 6 minutes and we will provide a complete breakdown to you at regular intervals.  We find that this transparency helps our clients budget accordingly as well as ensuring that they only pay for the actual time spent on working on their behalf.

In an ongoing matter, we may arrange with you to pay on agreed installments which ensures that you do not have to pay a lump sum at the conclusion of your case.

Fixed Fees:

Depending on the type of case, we may agree with you a fixed fee in advance.  This offers peace of mind to many clients as you can be sure that you will not have to pay a penny over the agreed fee, irrespective of how much work we have to put in to handle your case.

All of our fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate, currently 20%.

Whatever your circumstances, we will aim to find a way to handle your case using the most appropriate funding method.  Before we commence any work, we will agree with you which of the above methods is most suitable.  Above all, it costs nothing to have a chat with us about your case, so for no-obligation advice on your legal issues, call us now on 07812151658  and let’s see what I can do to help.

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