Motor Claim In South East London

Mr P was a claimant driver visiting his business in South East London, and was parking his car outside his launderette.  As he was about to get out of his car a coach owned and driven by the defendant’s driver, drove past and collided with the driver’s side of his car causing damage to his car and injury to Mr P.

Mr P instructed a firm of solicitors in Barking.  After a year and a half he was not happy with the services provided and was recommended to Hafezis solicitors by an old client.

We took over the file, perused it and saw Mr P and his son at conference.  We went through the complete file explaining what had happened to date and what they would need to do in order to persuade the defendant motorist’s insurers that it was the coach driver’s fault for causing the accident.

Proceedings had already commenced in this claim and therefore Mr P was at risk if he abandoned or discontinued the claim of having to pay the insurers legal costs.

We went on record as acting for Mr P, agreeing to act for him on a no-win-no-fee basis.  We dealt with all procedural matters in the court and ultimately received an offer from the insurer’s solicitors, which Mr P could not refuse.

He was very happy to have settled his claim for £4,100.00.

Mr P’s former solicitors in Barking had obtained a medical report which showed that he had suffered whiplash injury from which he would have recovered within 6 -8 months.  We prepared a schedule of his financial losses as they had not included his cost of repairing the car in the sum of £1,000.00.

We have recently prepared our bill of costs to negotiate with the insurers and learned that his former solicitors have in fact gone into administration.   Had Mr P remained with them he would have found his file out of his control and with a firm of solicitors nominated by the Trustee in Bankruptcy.

It is therefore important to choose carefully your advisor’s.  Many personal injury firms have been set up on the back of buying work and, therefore, it has been relatively easy for firms to be set up and matters to be handled often by relatively junior members of staff, with very little attention and supervision from senior members of the firm.

Should you have any outstanding case elsewhere and you are not happy, we would be very happy to see you free of charge.


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A A Hafezi

8 August 2013